Avesta GT 316L

Characteristics and typical fields of application
Avesta GT 316L is designed for welding austenistic stainless steel type 17Cr-12Ni-2Mo or similar. Corrosion resistance similar to matching low carbon and stabilized austenitic 17Cr-12Ni-2Mo steels and cast steel grades. Resistant to intergranular corrosion. The wire is also suitable for cryogenic application with excellent weld metal toughness down to –196oC.

Base Materials

Outokumpu 4436, 4432, 4429, 4571; EN 1.4436, 1.4432, 1.4429, 1.4571; ASTM 316, 316L, S31653, 316Ti, BS 316S33, 316S13, 316S63, 320S31, NF Z7 CND 18-12-03, Z3 CND 17-12-03, Z3 CND 17-12Az, Z6 CND 17-12; SS 2343, 2353, 2375, 2350.