JOHN NAM Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in supplying welding equipment and materials and services in the fields of mechanical construction and installation such as oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, wind energy, power plant…

Founded and led by Mr. John Nam who has many years of experiences and knowledge in the field of mechanical welding and cutting and has served many projects and customers such as Long Son petrochemical project, Dai Hung 3 project (CPP Platform), project LNG Thi Vai project (LNG storage),…. The company has always oriented building reputation and solving customers’ problems as the top goal for the company’s sustainable development.

Slogan: “Build the trust and sell the solution!”


Science and technology are increasingly developing. It leads to the very high requirements for quality work at reasonable costs, especially key projects such as thermal power, oil refining, … Along with project quality, the indispensable issue is weld quality. Understanding that trend and the importance, JOHN NAM CO., LTD. always sets strict requirements on the quality of the company’s personnel as well as the quality of input products. At the same time, we always update and learn new technologies to bring customers synchronous solutions with the best quality and the most reasonable cost.



The main mission of the Company is to bring solutions to solve customers’ problems in the best way to get highest project quality and sustainable economic benefits to customers.


Make the best performance of sales targets, market share, market that the partner sets with the Company.

Mobilizing maximum resources of the Company to develop brands and distribute quality products to customers in the region.


Building and training a team of professional and highly specialized staffs.

Meet the highest spiritual and physical values for employees by building a professional, dedicated working culture in the company.


By implementing the mission with personnel – the goal of building human quality; Responsibility to customers – to meet the highest level of construction quality and economic benefits; Responsibility to partners – distributing quality products to the market, the company has been contributing to sustainable values for the development of society and the country.

Core values

Bring success, joy to customers, partners, employees and society.

Slogan: “Build the trust and sell the solution!”